Call back form

The "call back form" is meant for patients who are already being treated by doctor van Gellicum*. Please fill out the form underneath if you want to discuss medical matters with him. He will then call you back. Call back consultations are relatively short, 10 to 15 minutes maximum. To discuss elaborate laboratory tests, you should schedule an appointment for 45 minutes via the "book an appointment" page.

When the form is received before 5:00 PM, doctor van Gellicum will do his utmost to call you back on the next working day (Friday excluded).

Click here for the rates.

* Unfortunately, it is not possible to give medical advice if you are not (yet) a patient of Primelab. Filling out the "call back form" is pointless in that case.

Of course, if you are not already a patient, it is possible to schedule your first appointment. Click here if you want to do so. Or click here if you to find out more about the procedure when you have scheduled your first appointment.