Currently, neither the costs of consultations nor the cost of laboratory-tests are re-imbursed by the Dutch health insurance companies.

The invoiced time comprises the length of the consultation plus the amount of time spent on administrative work related to the consultation (e.g. writing the treatment plan, writing / sending prescriptions / referrals, etc). This is applicable to all the consultations, including telephone consultations and replies to e-mails.

Payment of consultations can only be done by PIN (no creditcards) or cash (exact amount).

As of 20-09-2022 the following rates apply:

First consultation, including blood withdrawal*, maximum 75 minutes€ 225,00
Consultation long, maximum 60 minutes€ 200,00
Consultation regular, maximum 45 minutes€ 175,00
Consultation short, maximum 30 minutes€ 135,00
Telephone consultation, maximum 10 minutes**€ 30,00
Telephone consultation, maximum 15 minutes**€ 50,00
Repeat prescription, maximum of 4 medication lines€ 25,00
Repeat prescription, more than 4 medication lines€ 50,00
Replying to e-mail, writing letters / medical referral lettersRequired time will be invoiced according to the telephone consultation rates
Letter for the purpose of travelling with medication***€ 25,00

* This strictly means the blood withdrawal, NOT the cost of the blood testing by the laboratory. The latter is not included in this price! Included in the price of the first consultation are two telephone consultations (each of maximum 10-minute duration) for evaluation and, if necessary, adaptation of the treatment, respectively 4 and 8 weeks after the start of the treatment.

**Solely for the purpose of discussing the effects of the treatment, adaptation of (the dosage of) medication and discussing limited laboratory examinations (which means re-testing of previously abnormal or sub-optimal laboratory results).

*** Such a letter does by no means guarantee you can take your medication into the country of destination. This is subject to the applicable laws in the country. Please check this before your departure!