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Anti-aging, the Primelab way!

"Anti-aging medicine" is predominantly used as a synonym for beauty- enhancing therapies. In fact this is a limited, albeit a much-discussed element of anti-aging medicine.
Other, much more potent ways to rejuvenate the human body have - certainly in the Netherlands - been underexposed for too long. Correction of nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle-advice based on analysis of your DNA (so called "functional genomics") and replenishing low hormone levels with bioidentical hormones (also known as: bioidenticals) are very effective strategies to improve one's health and to reverse a number of the ailments that accompany aging. You will feel younger, more energetic, and it will show!
Primelab offers you a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art treatments to enhance your vitality. The focus of this concept is on people who have a proactive approach to their health. It is about striving for optimal health and not about waiting to fall ill.
In order to provide the best possible treatment, Primelab has an extensive network of experts in field of nutrition, mental health, personal training and laboratories, specialised in anti-aging medicine. 
Our aim is to work closely together with you to design a plan that takes your health to a higher level!
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